It’s A Process

Your business website is a very important tool to support your success. It is often the first impression you make on potential customers. 76% of consumers visit the online presence of a business before visiting the physical location. For businesses based online, a good website is obviously critically important.

To build your web presence, I need to get to know you and your business intimately. To get started, we will discuss you, your business, and your plans for the future. Your business has a personality and a set of values, just as you do. Your brand identity – your logo, the color palette of your marketing, fonts, and design style all must reflect the personality of your business. This personality, of course, is built upon your own personality, values, and your approach to success.

Once we have established the brand identity, we will discuss your ideal client. An avatar of sorts will be constructed based on who the client is and what they are seeking; even facets like their politics, habits, and hobbies. There is no sense in building a site that is not aligned with the type of customer you want to attract to your business. 

With the brand identity taking shape, the next important step is to establish a concrete “aim of the website.” Are you selling products or a service? Are you driving traffic to a brick and mortar location? Or will business be conducted online? Or some combination? Will clients be able to schedule an appointment or make a reservation? Will you be taking orders and/or payments online? How will the client contact you? 

Based on the foundation we establish, I will create a style for your digital presence; even your overall brand if necessary. Your logo, the fonts we choose, and especially the color palette of your web presence must align with you, your business, and your customers, new and old. On approval of this style concept, I will construct a sketch of the client’s journey through the website. There must be a smooth way to get your customer from the front page to where we want them to go; whether that is an order form or a calendar, etc. 

To build the website, we will then need images and content. Often existing copy and images can be incorporated into the site being built, but this content must be of appropriate quality and size, etc. Content and copywriting can be a part of my digital presence package. 

Once I have received your content, I will build a mock up; typically the home page. With the website beginning to take shape, we can tighten up any little details or concerns. Upon your approval of that start, the website will be built and tested. Then we can work on strategies for introducing your new digital presence to your existing customers and the world. 

One important aspect of this intimate approach is that I will build a website that compliments and integrates with your current business practices. Often a basic site built with a template can look good online, but doesn’t interface smoothly with what you are already doing. Business processes can often be improved but there is no need to stretch and twist what you are doing now just to fit a new website. Your new, custom-built website will enhance and improve what you are doing because it will have been built just for you and your business. 

Let’s talk about improving or establishing your digital presence. 






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