It starts slow, but feels fast.

The Start of A New Adventure!

Is it a grind or a hustle? Getting the ball rolling.

It’s been a little while, but I have started businesses before. I just left a full time job to pursue to my own projects. I have a boat, which is my home, to get back in the water, and Todd Townsend Digital Creator, LLC is just getting off the ground.

The projects are moving along. I’m hoping to be sailing again by Halloween and my first client website is about to go live. These are exciting days, but I also have plenty of work ahead to expand my business.

First, I am building some sample sites to go on the portfolio page. Screenshots of the sites will link to a Loom video tour. As more client’s sites go live, I will replace the samples.

In the meantime, I have been blogging for fifteen years about my sailing and other adventures with boats. The blog started out on WordPress but has been running on Blogger for a while because it was cheap. However, I have found many limitations with that platform and I will be transfering my blog to WordPress and making it more of a complete website presence than the simple blog it has been. That will be coming soon to the Portfolio!






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